This morning, we were made aware of a viral social media post suggesting possible violence at an unnamed school. One person who shared the post mentioned MCHS. After investigating, we feel confident this is NOT a reference to Metcalfe County High School. Still, out of an abundance of caution, Metcalfe County Schools communicated with Edmonton City Police to increase safety presence at our schools this morning. While we find this post to be unfounded, we will always make every effort to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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ARC Module 1 Introduction
A Brief Overview of the Law
ARC Chair Introduction Module Draft
ARC Membership Roles and Responsibilities
Kentucky Administrative Regulations
Record Review Document
Special Education Quick Reference
ARC Module 2 Interventions
Intervention Powerpoint
KDE Policy Letter
ARC Module 3 Evaluation
Evaluation ARC Chairperson Training
Guidance for Evaluation Data Categories
KDE Policy Letter
SLD Eligibility Guidance Document
ARC Module 4 Eligibility
Activity 1 Disability Definitions
ARC Chair Eligibility 2015
Eligibility-Adverse Affect
KDE Policy Letter
ARC Module 5 IEP
Collaborative Teaching Practices
Especially DECS
Guidance for Monitoring and Evaluating
IEP and Lesson Plan Development
IEP Guidance Document
Resource Manual
      Examples of State IEPs:
      Candace IEP 2-27-13
      Candace Integrated Assessment 2-27-13
      Hunter IEP Low Incidence 2-26-13
      Hunter Integrated Assessment Low Incidence 2-26-13
      Rachel Functional Vision Learning Media Assessment VI
      Rachel IEP VI 2-27-13
      Rachel Reevaluation Integrated Assessment VI 2-27-13
      Robert IEP 2-26-13
      Robert Individual Learning Plan 3-14-13
      Tyson IEP 5-28-13
      Tyson Integrated Report 5-28-13
ARC Module 6 Placement
Chairperson Training Committee
Manifestation Checklist
ARC Module 7 Transition--Secondary
ARC Task Group Transition--Secondary
ARC Module 8 Preschool
Preschool Transition for ARC Chairperson Task Group
Special Ed--Brekken Letter
Step by Step Transition Guide
Transition from First Steps into Preschool Fast Facts
Other Documents:
2015 Conference Summary
2015 KY IEP
IEP Data Standards 7-14-15
KY Eval 2015
KY Eval Data Standards 7-10-15
Metcalfe Co Special Education Services Calendar 2015-16
Metcalfe Co Special Education Prodedures 2008
SpEd Data Standards 6-30-15