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8th grade syllabus

Mrs. Parnell’s Course Outline -8th Grade Science

Course Description:  This course is designed to provide students with the basic understanding of the fundamentals of science. This class will enable students’ to develop a greater understanding of how science impacts their lives. The curriculum focuses on the Next Generation Science Standards and consists of topics from Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences.  Each unit will include a variety of activities and projects.  While this course will be challenging and is designed to get students to think critically, it is also designed with the intent that each student will be engaged and have fun learning and understanding science.

Content will be taught through Canvas online.  Students will work at their own pace with assistance from the teacher(s) as needed (ex: labs, small group, individual instruction, projects)  Course work will be completed during regular classroom time as well as additional time provided during level up courses.  Students will also be able to assess content online when not in the classroom setting in order to catch up on work they have fallen behind on as well as working ahead for those students who are ready to move on.  Labs/Some Projects/Test/Quizzes must be completed in the science classroom during regularly scheduled class time as a code will be required to access content through Canvas and to have access to materials.  Please note that although we are self-pacing through the content, students will also have deadlines for goal achievements set by the teacher.  If students are not meeting these deadline expectations, then further work outside of the classroom will be required in order for students success in meeting all curriculum requirements in a timely manner.

Coursework Expectations:  Coursework is a very important part of the learning experience when used as a tool to gauge what the student understands and doesn’t understand about the current content.  It also allows you to practice the material learned during school.  As we work for mastery of content, it is important to be prepared and actively engaged with the content.  Coursework will be checked off as it is completed through Canvas (or handouts as needed) in order to insure that the student is prepared before access the test. 

Homework Assistance, Snow Days, and Absences:   Log in to CANVAS for assignments that have been made and continue working within the unit you are on.  The number of absences or snow days missed is the number of days your child has to make up missed work when returning to school.


Resources: Canvas units of instruction (videos, web links, assignments, worksheets) as well as print resources available as needed

Supplies:  Although instruction will be completed online students are still encouraged to bring paper and pencil to class each day.  These are tools you will need for taking notes and completing some tasks that are provided online

(Students are not required, but are encouraged to bring a folder or binder to organize their class materials in)

Professional Information:  

Lea Ann Parnell
Science Teacher, Metcalfe Co Middle School

How to contact me:    Email is the best way to contact me, but not the only route

School Email:    
Phone: (270) 432-3359
Planning- 2nd period (8:32-9:12)

Parents: Please check your students canvas page, mastery connect, and Infinite Campus often for updates on their progress   

UNITS and Target completion dates

Aug 24-Sept 11--History of the Earth                      

Sept 12-Oct 9--Earth Systems/Human Impact on Geological Process

Oct 10-Nov 6--Weather and Climate

Nov 7-Dec 11--Human Impacts

Dec 12-22/Jan 3-Feb 12—Growth Development and Reproduction of Organisms

Feb 13-March 12—Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems/Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

March 13-March 30/April 10-May 7—Structure, Function, and Information Processing/Natural Selection and Adaptations

May 8-end of school year—Potential and Kinetic Energy transformations and Engineering Design

*Above listed dates are target completion dates.  Students are encouraged to work ahead of these dates.

Looking forward to a Great year!

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