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6th grade Syllabus

Lea Ann Parnell

6th Grade Science

2nd period planning (8:32-9:12)


Welcome to 6th Grade Science.  I am looking forward to a great year of working and learning with you.  I’m excited!  Science is my passion and I hope to see that same spark of excitement in your eye as we journey through the year together.

Course description:

During the course of this year we will be working on science skills that comply with the NGSS recommendations for KY 6th grade.  The material covered in this class will cover the main content areas of scientific investigations (scientific method),  Life Science (biotic and abiotic factors, habitats, ecosystems, populations, communities, niches, food chains/webs,  symbiotic relationships, limiting factors, adaptations, threatened and endangered species, etc), Earth Science  (Earth layers and process such as constructive and destructive forces, extinctions and fossil record, plate boundaries and movements, Earth’s interactions with materials/objects in space, weather and climate, etc.),  Physical Science (Gravity, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Balanced and Unbalanced forces, Energy and energy transfer, periodic table of elements, physical and chemical change, types of chemical reactions, etc.).

Content will be taught through Canvas online.  Students will work at their own pace with assistance from the teacher(s) as needed (ex: labs, small group, individual instruction, projects)  Course work will be completed during regular classroom time as well as additional time provided during level up courses.  Students will also be able to assess content online when not in the classroom setting in order to catch up on work they have fallen behind on as well as working ahead for those students who are ready to move on.  Labs/Some Projects/Test/Quizzes must be completed in the science classroom during regularly scheduled class time as a code will be required to access content through Canvas and to have access to materials.  Please note that although we are self-pacing through the content, students will also have deadlines for goal achievements set by the teacher.  If students are not meeting these deadline expectations, then further work outside of the classroom will be required in order for students success in meeting all curriculum requirements in a timely manner.

Resources: Canvas units of instruction (videos, web links, assignments, worksheets) as well as print resources available as needed

Supplies:  Although instruction will be completed online students are still encouraged to bring paper and pencil to class each day.  Students will need their binder (provided to them) in each class throughout the day.  These are tools you will need for taking notes and completing some tasks that are provided online

---On occasion we will be designing and building items of the students own creative experience.  It may be necessary at those times to bring items from home, but I suggest using recyclable materials for these tasks.  Students should look around and find creative ways to use items that might otherwise become trash.  Good for the environment and good for the creativity.

Class Expectations:

  1. Be on time and have all materials with you when you get here.  Be prepared to begin the learning process as soon as class time begins.
    1. Being in your seat
    2. Logged into and working on your Canvas assignments/completing them in a timely manner.
    3. Bring paper, pencil/pen, binder with you everyday (you never know when you will need it so be prepared)
  2. Be respectful of others learning experience.  Everyone in this class is important and everyone’s input is valued, but you must be respectful of others (ex: raising your hand when you need assistance rather than talking out, staying seated, being an active listener, participating in your learning process)
  3. Classwork/Homework is to be completed in a timely manner.  Not completing tasks on time is not acceptable.  Staying focused is very important.  If you complete a task, move on to the next one.     If you are struggling with an assignment or topic please let me know so that I can provide additional resources/work one-on-one/provide small group instruction/provide guidance to help you complete tasks.
  4. Students are expected to follow lab safety procedures at all times.  Even though the labs we will complete this year are not ones that would be unsafe, it is still essential that students know their responsibility and expectation for lab settings to insure that these activities are safe and effective to their learning process.  Students who do not follow the expectations for lab safety will not be able to participate in that learning experience. They will be given an alternate writing assignment to complete related to the content being covered.
  5. Utilize technology for its intended purpose.  That means being focused and engaged in the lesson, being careful and respectful of the devices provided, and using the time provided to complete the tasks. 


Grades will be assigned based upon Mastery.  As you complete units of study, the ultimate goal is that you provide evidence that you have mastered the content.  Evidence will be provided through Canvas and Mastery Connect.  You must master a concept before moving on to the next. 

Additional Information:

As we work with the self-pacing model, please be aware that this still means you have deadlines.  These are a guideline of the minimal concepts that need to be mastered by the set date. 

--What if you master something before the deadline?  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and move on to the next.  (This includes during level up.  You have done well!  We have a plan in place for those who complete the course before the end dates)  

--What if you fall behind? That also is why we have level up.  That is your time to study a little deeper

Parents: Please check your students canvas page, mastery connect, and Infinite Campus often for updates on their progress  

Come with a curiosity, openness to receive, and a willingness to learn!  Ask questions when need be.  Provide your best effort, and let’s have a great year

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