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Course Syllabus

Teacher: John Allen

2014-2015 School Year


Course Description

Agriscience introduces the scientific agricultural approach to animal science and selection, and plant and land science.  Agricultural career opportunities will be emphasized in each class.  Laboratory experiences relating to basic and current technology will be part of the program.  Utilizing the appropriate computer applications may enhance the content.  Leadership development will be provided through FFA.  Each student will be expected to have a supervised agricultural experience program and keep appropriate records.

Course Contenet

Students will


  • apply basic chemical and biological concepts to the production of food, including the interrelationships between soil and plants and the natural cycles which sustain all ecosystems.


  • apply basic physiological and genetic principles to animal production systems.


  • investigate the impact of human activities on the environment and resource conservation and stewardship and interpret the impact of globalization on agriculture.


  • examine the application of technology and genetic engineering in modern agriculture systems.


  • maintain records on supervised agricultural experience program and be able to summarize and analyze results in making financial decisions.


  • utilize activities of FFA as an integral component of course content and leadership development.


  • apply science, math and communication skills within the technical content.


  • demonstrate employability and social skills relative to the career cluster.



Materials Needed

            Paper and pencil or pen—everyday.

        3 ring binder


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