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Message from Superintendent Benny Lile


Dear Metcalfe County School Family,


As has been stated many times, your cooperation with us since we had to suspend in-person classes on March 13 has been nothing short of spectacular. I express my most sincere thanks to you and all our students.  Even though the school year has just officially ended, I know there are many questions about what the coming year will bring.  Let me begin by saying I am working closely each day with incoming superintendent Mr. Josh Hurt to have uniform agreement on re-opening plans and a seamless transition of leadership on July 1.


Like all of you, we follow the directives from the governor’s office and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on a daily basis.  Whatever the new school year looks like, all decisions will be made in accordance with guidance from the above offices along with the Kentucky Department of Education. While I know the end of this school year may have presented a challenge for some, I ask that you reflect during the coming weeks on what worked for your students and what areas presented difficulties. While I think we all agree that daily face to face interaction with a teacher is the best learning model, it’s likely that we must resign ourselves to the fact that some form of online/distancing learning will be a part of our children’s education for the foreseeable future.


Rather than focus on the challenges of this environment, I encourage all of us to seek ways to embrace whatever the learning model that must be implemented.  Ultimately each and every student will have to adapt to this model. Every organization of post-secondary learning now utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) for content and assignments. Most work-based training occurs in some type of online environment. Take a moment to consider our own experiences. Whether it is shopping, banking, planning a vacation, or filling out government documents, I dare say we have all performed some type of action online even during the past week.  Many of us were undoubtedly uncomfortable with this process at first, but it is now just a way of life.  We must all work together for our students to assume this same level of comfort with new and emerging learning tools.


We will be in communication throughout the summer as we work in coordination to plan the fall semester.  Please feel free to contact this office or your child’s school with questions, ideas, or suggestions as we move forward together through this process.  Metcalfe County Schools are prepared and equipped to provide each child with a unique learning experience, regardless of the setting or format.  We look forward to the fall 2020 semester!

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