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Donning and Doffing gown and gloves


Training Video for Donning (putting on) and Doffing (removing) gown and gloves   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYMWTWE4xqU

Cool video training in response to the Ebola Outbreak     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z9nzUIK94I

The Medicaide Nurse Aide training program has been revised in 2015 to include this skill. I am including the sequence of step that should be followed in donning and doffing a disposible gown and gloves.


1. Remove your watch and all jewelry. Roll up uniform sleeves.

2. Wash hands aseptically. (May verbalize)

3. Hold a clean gown out in front of the body. Let it unfold. Do not shake the gown.

4. Put hands and arms through the sleeves. Make sure the gown covers from the neck to the knees. It must cover the arms to the end of the wrists. Tie the strings at the back of the neck.

*5. Overlap the back of the gown covering the back of the uniform snugly. (If the gown does not cover the back, the use of a second gown may be verbalized to ensure protection.)

6. Tie the waist strings. Tie them at the back or the side. Do not tie them in front.

*7. Put on disposable gloves with gloves extended to cover the gown cuffs. Provide care.

*8. Remove gloves grasp a glove just below the cuff. Grasp it on the outside. Pull the glove down over your hand so it is inside out

. 9. Hold the removed glove with your other gloved hand.

*10. Reach inside the other glove. Use the first two fingers of the ungloved hand.

11. Pull the glove down (inside out) over your hand and the other glove.

12. Discard the gloves.

13. Untie the neck and waist strings. Pull the gown down from each shoulder toward the same hand.

*14. Turn the gown inside out as it is removed. Hold the gown at the inside shoulder seams and bring your hands together.

*15. Hold and roll up the gown away from you. Keep inside out.

16. Discard the gown.

17. Wash hands aseptically. (May verbalize) * Denotes Critical Step

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