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Nurse Aide Course Syllabus

Congratulations Nurse Aide Class of 2016-17

Pictured above front row L to R: Brilyn Garrett, Leah Syra, Sarah Deckard, Hannah DeVore, Kelly Moss, Tristen Ferguson

Back row L to R: Miranda Shaw, Faith Givens, Brianna Scott, Brittany Ervin, Felicia Whitt, Hannah Gearlds, Hailey Shirley, Kassie Brooks, Chelsea Ennis

State Registered Nurse Aide Class 2017-18

  100% Pass Rate!!!


Medicaid Nurse Aide       COURSE SYLLABUS


School Year:


H.S. Credits:


School Name: 

Metcalfe (Monroe ATC)


Health Sciences

KY Tech Course Name:

Medicaid Nurse Aide


Melissa Smith, RN



Course Number(s)                   KCTCS Course Name(s)                                College Credits

NAA - 100                               Medicaid Nurse Aide                                                2.0      

Pre-requisite(s)  Principles of Health Science, Emergency Procedures and Medical Terminlogy are all required to compl;ete the career pathway for Medicaid Nurse Aide Certification.

It is highly recommended that the students entering MNA class have prerequesites completed. Students may enroll in MNA class if they are enrolled in one of the required prerequesites with special instructor permission if space is available in the course.                                       


                                                    Medicaid Nurse Aide Valid Course Code: 170631

Course Description: An instructional program that prepares individuals to perform routine nursing-related services to patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities under the training and supervision of an approved registered nurse. State Registry is available upon successful completion of state written and performance examination. Prior to offering this course, the instructor and health science program must be approved for meeting state requirements set by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Students will:
1. Practice good personal hygiene.
2. Maintain good personal health.
3. Exhibit acceptable behavior.
4. Work cooperatively with others.
5. Maintain confidentiality.
6. Observe the Resident’s Rights.
7. Identify and report abuse or neglect to appropriate person.
8. Use plan of care to meet resident’s needs.
9. Communicate with resident, family, and staff.
10. Assist resident in use of intercom/call system/telephone.
11. Report observations/information to appropriate personnel.
12. Recognize health problems related to the aging process.
13. Recognize needs of the resident with cognitive impairment.
14. Assist with providing recreational activities for the resident.
15. Assist with giving postmortem care.
16. Follow standard precautions and bloodborne pathogens standard.
17. Wash hands aseptically.
18. Provide for environmental safety.
19. Adjust bed and side rails.
20. Assist with application of protective devices.
21. Report unsafe conditions to appropriate person.
22. Assist with care of resident with oxygen.
23. Follow fire and disaster plan.
24. Assist resident who has fallen.
25. Assist resident who has fainted.
26. Assist resident who is having a seizure.
27. Clear the obstructed airway - the conscious adult.
28. Using elevation, direct pressure, and pressure points to control bleeding.
29. Serve meals and collect trays.
30. Recognize diet modifications/restrictions.
31. Check food tray against diet list.
32. Feed or assist resident in eating.
33. Administer after meal care.
34. Record and report intake and output.
35. Give bed bath.
2016-2017 Health Science top of document Page 57 of 81
36. Assist resident with the partial bath.
37. Assist resident with tub bath.
38. Assist resident with shower.
39. Make unoccupied (closed) bed.
40. Make occupied bed.
41. Perform or assist in performing oral hygiene for the conscious/unconscious resident.
42. Assist with or shave resident.
43. Give backrub.
44. Give perineal care.
45. Shampoo/groom hair.
46. Give nail care.
47. Assist resident with dressing and undressing.
48. Provide urinary catheter care.
49. Provide care for the urinary incontinent resident.
50. Provide care for the bowel incontinent resident.
51. Assist resident in bladder retraining.
52. Assist resident in bowel retraining.
53. Assist resident in using bedpan/urinal.
54. Assist with enema administration.
55. Collect routine/clean catch urine specimen.
56. Collect stool specimen.
57. Collect sputum specimen.
58. Use good body mechanics.
59. Perform or assist with range of motion exercises.
60. Turn and position the resident in bed.
61. Transfer resident to and from bed/chair.
62. Use a mechanical lift to transfer resident.
63. Apply and use gait belt.
64. Assist resident with standing/walking.
65. Assist resident in using cane/walker.
66. Transport resident by wheelchair.
67. Move resident between stretcher and bed.
68. Assist with admission, in-house transfer, and discharge of resident.
69. Measure and record resident temperature by using oral, auxiliary, rectal and tympanic
routes using non-mercury glass/electronic thermometer.
70. Measure and record radial pulse.
71. Measure and record respiration.
72. Measure and record blood pressure.
73. Measure and record height/weight.
74. Assist in prevention of pressure/circulatory ulcers.
75. Apply elastic stockings.
76. Don and doff personal protective equipment.



Text: Mosby’s Long Term Care – Nursing Assistants 8th ed.


Letter grades will be given according to the school’s grading policy

  • Exams …………………………………………………………..100%
  • A  minimum 70% average must be maintained at all times.
  • Students with below 70% will not be eligible for skills/clinical training


Procedures for Makeup Work/Tests

* Make-up work will follow Metcalfe County High School’s policy as outlined in the student handbook


Attendance Policy/Withdrawal Policy


* This course progresses at a fast pace and poor attendance will negatively impact the student’s ability to master the content and skills necessary for clinical participation. The course instructor, a registered nurse, shall make the final decision considering any student not considered prepared for the clinical experience. If the instructor deems the student incompetent and/or not safe to provide patient care, that student WILL NOT participate in the clinical training experience and therefore NOT BE ELIGLBLE to take the state Medicaid Nurse Aide exam. It is highly recommended that nurse aide students attend classes on a regular basis. Please note that an absence from nurse aide course training is an ABSENCE from course training regardless of the school’s policy for excused or unexcused absences. If you are not present for class, you cannot be trained!

Students with behavior/discipline issues or excessive absences may be removed form eligibility.




* Each student is responsible for providing a 3 inch wide, 3 ring binder and pencil

* Uniform purchase may be ordered through school and costs approximately cost - $40.00

* Individual students must provide white nursing shoes and a watch with sweeping second hand for clinicals training

* Must provide proof of a  non-laminated  social security card by August 30th of current school year.. A photo copy will not work!

* Proof of driver’s permit or other acceptable photo ID is required before March 1st for the state exam (state issued photo ID)

* It is recommended that students purchase their own personal stethoscope and blood pressure cuff for skills practice beyond the classroom setting. Instructor can order these supplies at a discount once course has begun

Dual Credit opportunity:  SKYCTC offers dual credit at a coat of only $156.00

Exam fees: State exam fee is $60.00

Course Outline

Course will progress over 36 weeks including nurse aide theory, lecture time spent with the instructor mastering the knowledge aspect of the training course. The later part to the course will focus on the technical skills required. Most of this training will take place in the classroom lab. Once students are deemed competent and safe for live work experience, clinical experience will be earned in a long-term care facility caring for patients.  



            Nurse Aide skills …..…………………………..no grade assignment…   Pass or Fail

            Exams ……………………………………………………………………………100%

**eligibility for Medicaid Nurse Aide Exam requires “Pass” on all skills and a cumulative exam grade of 70% or higher on all course exams.



Communication:  Please stay current with updates and reminders from your teacher about this course by receiving one way messages. Please join our “Remind Group” for this course by texting

nurseaide   to  81010 




Class expectations/Rules/Safety

  • Come to class
  • Come to class prepared
  • Give 110 % effort on all projects, papers and/or presentations
  • Participate fully in all class activities
  • Utilize study and class time wisely
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Respect lab and classroom contents
  • Follow all safety guidelines and classroom rules



Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities and Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO)

The Education Cabinet, the Department for Workforce Investment and the Office of Career and Technical Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in educational services and/or employment.  The Education Cabinet provides, upon request, reasonable accommodations including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs and activities.  To request materials in an alternative format, contact the Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator in OCTE or Norb Ryan at NorbJ.Ryan@ky.gov.  Persons with hearing-and speech- impairments can contact the agency by sing the Kentucky Relay Service, a toll-free telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD).  For voice to TDD, call 1-800—648-6057.  For TDD to voice, call 1-800-648-6056.

The Office of Career and Technical Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital status, or religion in admission to education programs, activities, and employment practices in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (revised 1992), and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and shall provide, upon request by a qualified disabled individual, reasonable accommodations including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford individuals with a disability an equal opportunity to participate.

For more information, contact Mr. William Denton, Office of Career and Technical Education, 20th Floor CPT, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, (502) 564-4286.  Mr. Denton can also be reached through his e-mail address:  WilliamJ.Denton@ky.gov.



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Equal Education and Employment Opportunities M/F/D

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