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Week 30

More words with different meanings

  1. bat- a wooden stick used in baseball; a nocturnal flying mammal
  2. cell- a narrow, confining room such as a prison; basic unit of living matter
  3. fly- to engage in flight; a two-winged insect
  4. just- honorable and fair in one's dealings; almost, very nearly
  5. kind- a friendly, generous nature; a group having characteristics in common; type
  6. grave- a place of burial; requiring serious thought
  7. wave- to move the hand back and forth in greeting; the forward movement of a body of water
  8. bow- a weapon for shooting arrows; a knot with two loops and loose ends
  9. curb- an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway; the act of restraining power or action
  10. ring- the sound a bell makes; a circular band of precious metal
  11. saw- past tense of see, which means to perceive with the eye; a hand-operated cutting tool
  12. duck- a domesticated, web-footed swimming bird; to lower quickly
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