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Week 23

Words with double consonants

  1. bottle- a glass or plastic vessel used from storing drinks or other liquids
  2. collect- to gather together; to accumulate
  3. common- having no special distinction or quality; average; belonging equally to or shared equally by two ore more
  4. correct- free from error or fault
  5. jelly- a preserve made from the jelled juice of fruit
  6. lesson- something to be learned
  7. middle- equally distant from the ends or sides of somthing; central
  8. silly- lacking seriousness
  9. connect- to join or fasten togheter
  10. letter- a written symbol or character; also, a written message
  11. ladder- a structure consisting of two long sides crossed by parallel rungs used for climbing
  12. puddle- a small pool of water
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