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https://fafsa.ed.gov/             The FAFSA opens on October 1, 2018.

Seniors, fill out your FREE Application for Federal Student Aid as soon as possible.  Money for college is given on a first come, first served basis!  You just have to creat an FSA ID which allows you to sign electronically. Your parents will need one also (they may have one if you have an older sibling that has completed a FAFSA) to sign electronically and link their 2017 taxes from the IRS.  Students and parents have to use different email addresses.


Before you start:

  • Gather your Social Security numbers for student and parent(s) and 2017 tax returns.
  • Create a FSA ID and password for the student at www.fsaid.ed.gov.  If the student has no recent siblings that would have required a parent to create a FSA ID, the parent will need one as well.  The FSA ID is used to securely “sign” the FAFSA electronically by both parties. Enter student name exactly as it is on the Social Security card. 
  • It is best to have your taxes from last year in front of you and enter your address exactly as it was reported on your taxes.  For example: If you abbreviated Street at St., enter it that way.  This helps prevent delays.
  • You will need to use different emails for the parent and student.  Both will have to go to the email and “confirm” the email address promptly to set up the FSA ID. 

Go to www.fafsa.gov

Click on Start A New FAFSAif you are starting your FAFSA for the first time.  You will Click on LOGIN next year and every year you are in college to RENEW your FAFSA financial information.

Click on Enter your (the student's) FSA ID on the left side of the screen to enter your FSA ID that you created earlier.  Continue answering questions.

Important Points for filling in Information:

  • Even if you have taken Dual Credit courses, you will select “Never Attended College/1st Year”.
  • Associate Degrees and most technical degrees are 2 year programs and Bachelor Degrees are 4 year programs
  • You may choose up to 10 colleges to add to your FAFSA.  Search by city or use the federal school code if known, then “add” them to your FAFSA.  You will then choose your housing preference (on campus, etc). These schools will receive your financial info and prepare a financial package based on the information provided.  You may go in and add schools later.  Some of the most common schools added and their cities/codes:
    • WKU                                       Bowling Green                     002002  (Glasgow campus also)
    • SKYCTC                                   Bowling Green                     005271
    • Lindsey Wilson                     Columbia                               001972
    • Campbellsville Univ.            Campbellsville                      001959
    • Univ. of Kentucky                 Lexington                              001989
    • Eastern Ky Univ.                   Richmond                              001963
    • Murray State Univ               Murray                                   001977
    • Univ. of Louisville                 Louisville                               001999
    • Somerset Community         Somerset                               001997
    • PJs Cosmetology                   Bowling Green                     016552
  • Dependency: Most students leaving high school are still “dependents” in the eyes of the government.  They will require parent(s) financial information on the FAFSA unless you:
    • Are married
    • In the military
    • A foster child
    • Have children that receive more than half of their support from you
    • Are Homeless as determined by a government agency
    • Been placed in legal guardianship
  • Number of Family Members:
    • Student, parent(s), and anyone that receives more than half of their support from the parents.
  • IRS Data:
    • The IRS Data Retrieval Tool allows you to transfer your tax info directly into the FAFSA. You will enter the parent info and link to the IRS website. The IRS will verify your identification, and then you can transfer your info to the FAFSA.
    • Entering tax information manually will almost always designate you for “verification” of the FAFSA.  This means you and the school you want to attend have to take further steps (sending in paperwork, etc) to get the money sent on for your education.  That is why the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is so helpful…it pulls it exactly from the government so there are no mistakes or questions.
    • Some people cannot use this tool:
      • Tax filing status is married filing separately
      • Tax filing status is head of household
      • Filing an amended tax return
      • Filing a foreign tax return
      • These people will have to input information from their 2016 taxes manually.




What’s Next:

You will get a financial package from colleges that you listed on your FAFSA.Be sure to check your emails every week for FAFSA information. If something was incomplete or they need to verify something, you will be contacted via email.


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