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Math Links

Below you will find helpful math links that you can access at anytime to help you with homework, studying for a test or if you just need some extra practice. I have the links separated by content strand to make it more user friendly.


Whole Numbers and Decimals

Decimals      Skip Intro, choose Lessons 1& 6; first explains decimals; second uses multiplication and estimation

Power Football   Choose multiplication, medium for decimal multiplication problems

Dividing Decimals    Divide decimals by whole numbers- you may need scratch paper

Draggable Division   Support for doing long division, you will need to drag the numbers; teacher demo first; there are variable levels

Exponents    Review exponents and then complete exercises

Exponent Explanation and Practice   Explanation of exponents and then practice using them

What's the Order?   Decide where the given number goes in relation to two other numbers

Adding Decimals    Drill on addition of decimals by tenths; multiple choice

Subtracting Decimals   Drill on subtraction of decimals by tenths; multiple choice

Laser Beam     Three levels of activities with decimals   (rounding and adding)

Platform Scales - Addition  Weigh several figures and add weights together to the hundredths place

Platform Scales - Subtraction   Weigh several figures and subtract weights together to the hundredths place

Number Systems and Algebra Concepts

Video on Equations    Video explains how to solve for a variable with inverse operations

Video on Inequalities   Choose flash videos on the right, solving equations and inequalities AND solving inequalities

Modeling Inequalities    Teacher models inequalities by graphing on a number line (5- minute limit)

Solving Inequalities    Drills on solving inequalities

Equation Match   Solve the equations to match the problem with the answer

Solving Equations    Solve one variable equations when given a number for the variable; drills

Balance Strategies    Use balance strategies to solve equations

Balance Strategies Game   Same as above but points accumulate

Balancing Equations   Use a balance to solve problems; similar system

Video Lesson and Practice   Unit on equations; uses video and text

Lessons on Fractions    mixed numbers; reciprocals and practice

Understanding Integers    Skip Introduction; Choose Lesson 6; Understanding Integers for Interactive Tutorial

Carl and The Shark    After lesson on integers click the link on the bottom for practice with Carl

Order of Operations Lesson    Lesson and quiz on order of operations

Order of Operations Practice 2   Choose to take a tutorial and a pre-test

Comparing Integers    Drill on comparing integers

Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Percent Shaded  - Online Practice

Fractions to Percents - Online Practice

Decimals to Percents - Online Practice

Percents to Decimals - Online Practice

Percent to Fraction - Online Practice

M & M Madness - Activity you can do with your child to work on converting fractions to decimals to percents. Take M&Ms and have them seperate into groups by color. Then, have them write the fractions of each color, then convert those to decimals and finally percentages

Equivalent Jeopardy - You can challenge your child through a Jeopardy game on converting fractions, decimals and percentages

Equivalent - You can choose from fractions, decimals or percentages

Concentration - Find the equivalent fraction, decimal and percent through a game of concentration!!

Mix Game - You can play a game through MathGoodies over Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Percents in a Daily Life - Students can really find out about percents of a number through an online WebQuest through MathGoodies

Fraction Pair Games - When you get to the website choose Fractions and Decimal then you can choose which topic you want extra help in which include: Fractions, Percentages, Probability, Comparing Fractions and %, and Ratio and Proportions

Cyberchase - An interactive game through PBS Kids

Death to Decimals - A Decimal and Fraction Game

Equivalent Fractions Review Game- This is through IXL so you will only get a limited amount of questions for free

Finding Percents Word Problems - This is through IXL so you will only get a limited amount of questions for free

Fraction Decimal Conversion Game - This is a game through Quia where you can play alone ot compete against a freind or your mom and dad!

Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules - Online game that tests your skills over divisibility rules

3 Online Games - You can choose from FlashCards, Matching or Concentration games over divisibility rules


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